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16 February 2015

Full Ticket Schedule for JSConf EU 2015

Mark your calendars: Here are the planned dates for ticket sales for JSConf EU 2015:

  • Sunday, May 3rd at 18:00 CEST — Regular Price 620€ + VAT + Fees 749€

Mind the Gap Day!

This year, we are introducing a gap day. The first day of JSConf EU is on a Friday, CSSConf EU is on Saturday, followed by the second day of JSConf EU on the Sunday.

What is going on on the Saturday, you wonder? If you are interested in CSS, definitely you should attend CSSConf EU that day. For everyone else, including the wider developer community in Berlin, we invite you to socialize with each other and see the city. Smaller events that day, and in fact that whole week, will be accounced at the soon to be launched “Web Tech Fest Berlin” site. Stay tuned.

What to expect at JSConf EU

JSConf EU is a professional, not-for-profit, labour-of-love conference for the JavaScript community that you don’t want to miss out on. For the breakdown of the JSConf EU experience and what a ticket buys you, check out WHY JSConf EU.

Diversity Support Tickets

Expanding on our program from last year we are again offering Diversity Support Tickets. As last year you are purchasing a ticket for yourself and at the same time help another person of the conference’s choosing to be able to attend the event.

To make the program even more accessible we now offer a wider range of “Support Options”. Starting with paying 25% of a ticket to paying for a full ticket. We thank you in advance for your generosity and awesomeness and looking forward to a more diverse JSConf EU than ever before.

Additional Information

  • Ticket sales will be done through Tito.
  • You won’t need a Paypal account, but you can use one! (The other option is Stripe.)
  • You will be able to buy one ticket per order.
  • We will sell Combo Tickets with CSSConf EU as well.
  • Reject.js tickets are sold separately.
  • How we spend your money.